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September 22 - 26, 2014

Wisdom of the SadhuThis week we are giving away 5 copies of Wisdom of the Sadhu: Teachings of Sundar Singh by Sadhu Sundar Singh, released by Plough Publishing.

Book Description: Known in his lifetime as India’s most famous convert to Christianity, Sadhu Sundar Singh (1889–1929) would not approve of that characterization. He loved Jesus and devoted his life to knowing him and following him, but he never accepted Christianity’s cultural conventions, even as he embraced its stark original teachings.

A modern Saint Francis,Sundar Singh left the wealth of his home at sixteen to live as a sadhu, or wandering holy man. His beggar-like existence, his intense devotion, his mystical encounters with Jesus, and his simple yet profound parables became the stuff of legends. No one who met him – including the thousands who flocked to hear him during his visits to Europe, the Orient, and the United States – remained unaffected.

Wisdom of the Sadhu, a collection of anecdotes, sayings, parables, and meditations, brings together the best of Sundar Singh’s teachings. Couched as they are in a distinctly Indian idiom, they probe the essence of the Gospels with unusual freshness and offer insights of great depth and value to every serious seeker.

What others are saying:

Richard J. Foster, author, Celebration of Discipline
Sadhu Sundar Singh’s dramatic encounter with the living Christ, his refusal to clothe his faith with western trappings, and his absolute devotion to the way of Jesus make for compelling reading. I highly ­recommend this book.

Robert Ellsberg, author, All Saints
Sadhu Sundar Singh is one of the most fascinating and enigmatic spiritual guides of the twentieth century. Rooted as it is in a distinctively Indian style, his Christian wisdom challenges Western readers to step beyond theological ideas and taste the Gospel itself. Plough has done a great service by publishing the work of this wise and holy teacher.

Friedrich Heiler
In Sadhu Sundar Singh, Christianity and Hinduism meet, and the former stands like a flower that blossoms on an Indian stem.

Jetti A. Oliver, National Council of Churches, India
Penetrating, relevant, and easy to read. This is an inspiring collection.

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September 8 - 19, 2014

Their Name is Today GiveawayFor two weeks, we are running this giveaway--5 copies of the important book Their Name is Today: Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World by Johann Christoph Arnold, released by Plough Publishing.

Book Description: There’s hope for childhood. Despite a perfect storm of hostile forces that are robbing children of a healthy childhood, courageous parents and teachers who know what’s best for children are turning the tide.

Johann Christoph Arnold, whose books on education, parenting, and relationships have helped more than a million readers through life’s challenges, draws on the stories and voices of parents and educators on the ground, and a wealth of personal experience. He surveys the drastic changes in the lives of children, but also the groundswell of grassroots advocacy and action that he believes will lead to the triumph of common sense and time-tested wisdom.

Their Name Is Today takes on technology, standardized testing, overstimulation, academic pressure, marketing to children, over-diagnosis and much more, calling on everyone who loves children to combat these threats to childhood and find creative ways to help children flourish. Every parent, teacher, and childcare provider has the power to make a difference, by giving children time to play, access to nature, and personal attention, and most of all, by defending their right to remain children.

What others are saying about this book
"Beautiful…It is Arnold’s reverence for children that I love." --Jonathan Kozol, author

"Stunning… Who would have thought that there was anything new to say about childhood? In Their Name Is Today, Arnold surprises us at every turn." --Diane Komp, MD, Prof. of Pediatrics, Yale University

"Arnold writes with deep insight, reminding us of the meaning of childhood and the need to protect it for the sake of the children and all of humanity." --Joan Almon, co-founder, Alliance for Childhood

"In our hard-charging culture, children often get pushed to the edges of our crowded schedules. Arnold understands the pressures, but points to another way. Their Name Is Today is practical and compelling." --Timothy Jones, author, Nurturing Your Child’s Soul

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